Give over your activities to SE

Give over your

activities to SE

SE (Saving Employee)

SE (Saving Employee)

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What we do

Graphic design & Visualization content

1) Layouting and Visualizing (report,bulletin,book,magazine,…)
2) Infographic, Banner, Gif, Rich picture, …
3) Logo, UI & UX
4) Presentation files

Data & Monitoring

1) Collecting data from internet 
2) Data entry & Tagging data 
3) CCTV monitoring
4) Discovering bug (applications)

Designing dynamic website

1) WordPress 
2) Joomla 
3) Dedicated CMS

Using the SE services you can:

Guarantee performance of your work also pay suitable price for services that you receive.

On the exact time that we have agreement on, you can receive your services.

‌ Instead of contacting with many people ,contact with administration manger of SE.

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Using the SE services you can:
Professionals like customers

SE’s portfolio

Collecting & Tagging on data

Collecting & Tagging on data
| Data tagging |
Collecting car images and tagging on them for a company in the field of artificial intelligence and helping to improve its OCR system

Infographic design

Infographic design
| Graphic design |
Designing infographic for a pharmaceutical holdings concerning innovative strategies for future pharmaceutical companies

Data entry into a private platform

Data entry into a private platform
| Data entry |
Collecting data and documents from the Internet and entering these data into one of the most reputable systems in the world

Designing dynamic websites

Designing dynamic websites
| Website design |
Designing a professional website for a company that operates globally in the field of production of electrical products

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