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SE (Saving Employee) as an outsourcing center has been established since 2016. As an outsourcing center, it can carry out many of the activities and processes of organizations and companies. Outsourcing means that you give part of job or activity to another person or group of people. Most of this activities depend on personal human activities and we can’t give to automatic system So this activity must be done by outsourcing center. Naturally most of activities from this center have to be done from far away, if you use SE outsourcing center you don’t need to pay for many things such as facilities, work space, insurance, training and etc. But at this time your activities will be done with better quality. In addition majority of your activity will be reduced by this center and you can concentrate on your core activities. In the picture below, you can see the most in common outsourcing services in different countries. Beside of this service that we show in this picture you can also see another service on service site page. Your  business, is our business.

SE’s mission: Supporting from private or governmental companies to increase quality of activities

SE’s strategy: Completing expert knowledge and service domain in order to have best performance

 SE’s vision: Being the first choice for those who want to choose an outsourcing company

SE’s motto: Your business is our business